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  • Size list

    Shape: Round Tube (CHS)
    Grade: CDS Cold Drawn Seamless
    DimensionsKilograms per meterStandard Length
    12.7 x 1.22N/A6000
    12.7 x 1.63N/A6000
    12.7 x 2.03N/A6000
    15.9 x 1.22N/A6000
    15.9 x 1.63N/A6000
    15.9 x 2.03N/A6000
    22.2 x 2.03N/A6000
    25.4 x 1.63N/A6000
    25.4 x 2.03N/A6000
    25.4 x 2.64N/A6000
    25.4 x 3.25N/A6000
    28.6 x 4.06N/A6000
    31.8 x 1.63N/A6000
    31.8 x 2.03N/A6000
    31.8 x 2.64N/A6000
    31.8 x 3.25N/A6000
    31.8 x 4.06N/A6000
    38.1 x 1.63N/A6000
    38.1 x 2.03N/A6000
    38.1 x 2.64N/A6000
    38.1 x 3.25N/A6000
    38.1 x 4.06N/A6000
    50.8 x 2.64N/A6000
    50.8 x 3.25N/A6000
    50.8 x 4.47N/A6000
    6.35 x 0.91N/A6000
    7.94 x 0.91N/A6000
    9.53 x 1.22N/A6000
    9.53 x 1.63N/A6000
    19.05 x 1.22N/A6000
    19.05 x 1.63N/A6000
    19.05 x 2.03N/A6000
    19.05 x 2.64N/A6000
    19.05 x 3.25N/A6000
    Kilograms per meter N/A
    Standard Length 6000

    Cold Drawn Seamless Mechanical Tubing (CDS) is a cold drawn 1018 / 1026 steel tube which offers uniform tolerances, enhanced machinability and increased strength and tolerances compared to hot-rolled products. Produced from hot rolled 1026 steels , the cold drawing process increases the tube's physical properties and offers better tolerances and reduced machining allowances over hot finish seamless.