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  • Size list

    Shape: Paint
    Grade: Rust
    DimensionsKilograms per meterStandard Length
    1L BlackN/AN/A
    4L BlackN/AN/A
    1L SilverN/AN/A
    4L SilverN/AN/A
    500g SilverN/AN/A
    1L Ocean BlueN/AN/A
    4L Ocean BlueN/AN/A
    1L Black SatinN/AN/A
    4L Black SatinN/AN/A
    350g Aero BlackN/AN/A
    4L Emerald GrenN/AN/A
    500g Aero BlackN/AN/A
    500g Ocean BlueN/AN/A
    1L Mld Tint BaseN/AN/A
    1L Red Tint BaseN/AN/A
    350g Areo SilverN/AN/A
    4L Mld Tint BaseN/AN/A
    4L Red Tint BaseN/AN/A
    500g Emerald GreyN/AN/A
    1L Clear Tint BaseN/AN/A
    4L Clear Tint BaseN/AN/A
    500g Mld Tint BaseN/AN/A
    500g Red Tint BaseN/AN/A
    1L Black High GlossN/AN/A
    1L White High GlossN/AN/A
    1L Yellow Tint BaseN/AN/A
    4L Black High GlossN/AN/A
    4L White High GlossN/AN/A
    4L Yellow Tint BaseN/AN/A
    350g Aero Bright RedN/AN/A
    350g Aero GoldYellowN/AN/A
    350g Aero Ocean BlueN/AN/A
    350g Areo Signal RedN/AN/A
    500g Clear Tint BaseN/AN/A
    350g Aero Black SatinN/AN/A
    350g Areo Pewter GreyN/AN/A
    500g Black High GlossN/AN/A
    500g White High GlossN/AN/A
    500g Yellow Tint BaseN/AN/A
    350g Aero Emerald GreyN/AN/A
    1L Emerald GreRustpaintN/AN/A
    350g Aero Brunswick GreyN/AN/A
    350g Aero Black High GlossN/AN/A
    350g Aero White High GlossN/AN/A
    350g Aero International OrangeN/AN/A
    Kilograms per meter N/A
    Standard Length N/A

    Galmet RustPaint is an epoxy modified enamel specifically formulated to protect and beautify both new and old metal surfaces. Galmet RustPaint provides high adhesion and a tough abrasion-resistant finish. Galmet RustPaint is available in a range of attractive colours including tint bases that can be used with most common tint systems.