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MotoRRetro Case Study

Vaughan Ryan and Georgio Rimi have known each other for more than 30 years. They first met as apprentices at Ultimo TAFE… and all these years later they are now partners in business.

MotoRRetro is their business. And it’s certainly an interesting one. They use their coach building skills and 20 years of industry experience to not only work on some amazing projects but also to teach their skills through weekly lessons.

Along the way, they’ve built a relationship with Edcon Steel as a trusted supplier for their steel and metal needs.

Old fashioned panel beating

Old fashioned panel beating

If you haven’t heard of coach building before, Vaughan describes it as ‘old fashioned panel beating’. It’s a method that dates back to the medieval ages when suits of armour where created from sheet metal.

Vaughan and Georgio aren’t building suits of armour. What they do is so much cooler than that.

We use sheet metal and shape it into a finished product – usually automotive, motorcycles or sculptural. We also work on special commissions for clients. Usually this will be classic cars such as Ferrari, Maserati or Porsche.”

These guys use a lot of steel and metal in their work. They need a good supplier who they can trust.

Enter Edcon Steel

Enter Edcon Steel

Whenever Vaughan needs steel and metal supplies, he knows he can call Edcon and they’ll help him with whatever he needs.

It’s the value of having a local supplier who knows what you’re after and delivers exactly that.

From Edcon, we buy aluminum or round hollow section or whatever it is we need. We’ve actually had other people in the industry asking us where we get our supplies from, because it isn’t always easy to source these things.

The guys at the Blacktown store are great. If they don’t have a product in stock, they will order it in for us. They always give me a timeframe of when the product will arrive. Usually, that’s within 48 hours.”

For the past five years, Vaughan and Georgio have relied on Edcon for quality products for their projects.

It’s really common for thin sheet metal to be damaged in transport… but that rarely happens with Edcon. You can tell the product has always been stored correctly – there is no corrosion or other damage.”

The 1967 Toyota 200GT

The 1967 Toyota 200GT

Right now, MotoRRetro is working on a particularly interesting project. They have a very rare sports car – the first Japanese supercar ever made – that they’re working on. Many of the parts of 1967 Toyota 200GT are no longer available, so the team has to refabricate the components.

We take templates, patterns and profiles, and sometimes even a 3D scan, to create a visual guide as to what we need to manufacture. Then we order the raw materials from Edcon.

We take the patterns, profiles and templates and lay them out on the sheet metal so we can cut and seal the pieces. Everything is made by hand.

A project like this is about 2500 man hours.”

Not every MotoRRetro project is quite so big. Recently, they spent 80 hours remanufacturing the cargo doors on a 2008 Chrysler Hearse. But whether it is a large project or a small one, they know that whatever their steel and metal needs, Edcon Steel has the solution.

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