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    How do I Use "Steel Finder" ?


    Select Shape and follow below steps

    Step 1 - Click on the icon of the shape or profile you are searching for.  The pictures and names should give help you.

    Step 2 - Click on the coloured tile for the grade of steel your require.  If you do not know the grade you need contact your nearest branch here.

    Step 3 - Click on your size in hte list in the drop down menu

    Step 4 - Confirm your length by selecting either a full length size (more economical) or a special/ custom length which can be cut to your requirements (charges apply).

    The product can then be added to your quote by clicking the Add to Quote a dialogue box will then ask to "What would you like to do now?" - you can choose to :

     Go Back to Steel finder  to select and add more products

     Veiw your quote basket  to veiw your selections and send your quote



    Can I get a refund on returned steel ?




    In some cases Edcon Steel would provide a refund.  Under no circumstance would we refund the full value of the transaction. 

    We would NOT provide any refund for cut or customised steel under any circumstance.

    If full lengths in prime condition are returned with no damage then Edcon Steel will refund the sale price less a restocking fee of $25.00 or 20% of the sale price whichever is greater.

    Please choose carefully and ensure you are confident with any lengths prior to cutting.  

    Edcon Steel does not offer any warranty about the advice given as to the fitness of a product for your purpose.



    What are our openning hours?

    To veiw our openning hours go to the Steel Store page here

    This page shows you the details of our Steel Stores including their openning hours.

    Whats does SHS, RHS and CHS mean ?

    These are abreviations for steel tubes or Hollow Sections (HS).  Over time the abreviations have changed but it is common in the industry to use the following :


    CHS -  Circular Hollow Section - commonly known as steel pipe or round steel  tubes

    RHS - Rectangular Hollow Section - commonly known as rectangular steel tube

    SHS - Square Hollow Section - commonly known as square steel tube


    Does Edcon Steel supply Material Test Certificates or Mill/Heat Test Certifcates ?

    We source all our steel and metal products from reputable Australian Manufacturers and Distributors.  We therefore have access to Quality Documents and Certificates of Compliance for all our stock range and can make these available on request.

    This service is not automatic.  We may be charged fees from our suppliers for this service and we will also need to charge for certificates.

    All our quotes do not include Quality Documents or Certificates unless they specifically state otherwise.

    You can request this service before you place your order or before you accept our quotation.  We strongly recommend you make this request in writing to us or you request the service be noted on our quotations.