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  • Corten Steel

    Corten Steel

    Weathering Steels

    Commonly known as COR-TEN or Corten Steel.  The name Corten is a trademark name held by United States Steel Corporation for their grade of A 242 weathering Steel.

    This name is commonly used in Australia also to refer to Weathering Steels and many forms of weathering steels are imported under the name Corten while not being sourced from the US.

    Australia does manufacture weathering steels, BlueScope Steel manufactures Lyten WR350 grade steels.  Increasingly popular for landscaping and architectural applications Lyten is reemerging as a cost effective solution for Road/ Rail Bridge designs bypassing the need for surface treatments after fabrication.

    Further information on Lyten is here.

    Some examples of the typical surface finish appear below, note the differences due to the source of the materials and due to the atmospheric conditions, the steel ends up in.


    Weathering Steels Weathering Steels Weathering Steels

    Welding of Weathering Steels

    Although this product is easily welded with and to standard grades of mild steel there will be significant variation in the appearance of the different steels over time.  Welded elements will corrode notably and differently to weathering steels and care should be taken in the selection of the welding consumables to ensure compatibility.

    Commonly Available Corten Sizes

    There are currently limited sizes and thicknesses available for Weathering Steels in Australia.  Sizes are available to your requirements ex-mill, but the minimum standard order size for this is 25 tonnes.

    The sizes commonly available are :

    Commonly Available Corten Steel sizes in Australia
    Thickness (mm) Width (mm) Length (mm) Grade
    3 1200 2400 Lyten
    6 1200 3000 Lyten
    6 1200 1800 Lyten

    Further information from the manufacturer is available here.