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  • Builder's Steel

    Builder's Steel

    Builders Steel

    Floor Beams, Joists, Bearers, Roof Beams, Purlins and Strutting Beams are all able to be custom made to your specifications.

    Even Stairs and whole roof structures can be fabricated to your requirements.

    Just send us your drawings or specifications here

    Edcon Steel has been servicing the Building and Construction Industry for over 40 years.  We can help you complete your next steel framed house or supply steel for your renovation.

    We can help owner builders and builders with any structural steel requirements.

    Just remember all structural steel work for buildings of any kind will need to be designed and certified by a qualified structural steel engineer.  Edcon Steel can assist you in finding an engineer just call us to receive a list of engineers.


    Builders Steel Builders Steel Builders Steel

    Structural Steel Fabrication

    Our modern structural steel fabrication facility has been prupose built to provide efficent cutting and weling of your next structural steel project.

    Please feel free to send us you drawings or schedules to price your structural steel requirements.

    You can view steel sizes and get quotes online here

    Structural Steel Fabrication Structural Steel Fabrication Structural Steel Fabrication