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Operations Manager

As Operations Manager with Edcon, Alan is our ultimate jack-of-all-trades. He oversees purchasing, pricing and procedures, manages company projects … and he’s a Company Director. Having worked across all areas in the industry, Alan is our go-to for help in any area. He’ll even hop behind the wheel and make a delivery in a truck if needed.
“I’m not sure what energises me but it must be something … I’m always on the go!”

Moving on up – and about

Alan has been with Edcon for almost 20 years. He started in the industry more than 25 years ago as a storeman … and has covered many roles. “I’ve operated saws and guillo’s, driven cranes and forklifts and then moved into the processing department programming the CNC machines before taking on sales rep positions. Now with Edcon, I negotiate with suppliers to achieve the best deal for our customers, looks after our truck fleet and oversee projects – from marketing to branch moves. My background has given me a good grounding across all segments of the business.”

Keeping family close

With such a busy work week, Alan loves winding down by spending time with family, managing his son’s soccer team – “they’re sponsored by Edcon and called the Edcon Steelers” – or tinkering about the house. “I’m always working on something in the garage or starting a new project at home … at the moment it’s landscaping.” Another favourite is a family holiday. “We usually try and have something lined up and next stop is Singapore and Malaysia’s Legoland for the kids.”

And enjoying the work family

Edcon started as a family business, and Alan likes that it still has a family feel. “When I first started with Edcon, Brookvale was our only location. I love that we now have other branches that have been open for 20 years and staff that have been with us from the start.” It also means that the business runs that much smoother. “I’ve worked for the big steel distributors and find working for Edcon is much better. If something needs to be done, we just pick up the phone and the wheels are in motion.”